The Hare Preservation Trust

Join our campaign to protect the Hare

The hare is one of the UK’s most iconic species. An inhabitant of these islands since ancient times it is a creature that has long fascinated and delighted all those lucky enough to see it. Today the hare is under serious threat. Numbers are thought to have declined by 80% since the late 19th century and it has become a mammal now seldom seen in many parts of the country.

Shockingly, although given priority status under the UK Biodiversity Plan the hare is the only game species in England, Wales and most parts of Europe not protected by a closed hunting season. Consequently hares can be shot throughout the year, including during the breeding season, leaving young hares (leverets) to starve in the fields. This is an unacceptable affront to modern animal welfare standards.

The Hare Preservation Trust works to:

  • Gain legal protection for hares during the breeding season
  • Raise awareness of threats to hares particularly illegal hunting
  • Supports research into the reason for the hares decline
  • Provides information for the public when they find injured or abandoned hares
  • Act as a focal point for hare information  which will be included in members’ monthly bulletin

The Trust aims:

  • To encourage all landowners to view hares as welcome residents of their land and to actively participate in ways of improving the preservation and welfare of hares.
  • Liaising with other charities, voluntary bodies and statutory authorities operating in furtherance of the aims and objectives of the HPT and to exchange information and advise them about hares.
  • To encourage further research into the reasons for the decline ofthe brown hare in Britain and to propose ways in which the trend might be reversed.
  • To lobby Government for increased legal protection for hares and to ensure that existing legislation is enforced.
  • To promote constructive enjoyment of hares in their natural habitats, for example by hare watching, photography, video production, painting or drawing.